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DS Schiffahrt | Chartering, formerly Magellan Chartering Services GmbH (founded in 1992, merged with DS Schiffahrt 2019) is an experienced specialist in chartering, technical management and the sale and purchase of commercial seagoing vessels. DS Schiffahrt | Chartering is specialized in product and crude oil tankers of all sizes for almost 30 years. Commercial Management including Chartering and Operations of container and bulk tonnage is part of our portfolio.

Crude oil and product tanker management | Container ships | Dry cargo tonnage

DS Schiffahrt | Chartering started out as an independent shipbroker specializing in container and bulk tonnage. Over time, and with the change of personnel in charge, expertise has shifted towards product and crude oil tankers.
However, container and bulk tonnage are still part of our core competence.

We currently manage a fleet of crude oil and product tankers, container ships and dry cargo tonnage as exclusive and in-house brokers/ commercial manager for Dr. Peters Group (www.dr-peters.de) and DS Tankers (www.ds-tankers.com).

DS Schiffahrt | Chartering offers the following services:

  • Time and voyage charters for tank, container and bulk ships
  • Sale and purchase of tankers, containerships and bulk carriers
  • Project development for tankers
  • Commercial management
  • Commercial controlling of pool ships
  • Commercial operating of in-house tonnage and external tonnage
  • Bunker service worldwide
  • Market assessments

Furthermore, we can offer the following services through associated companies:

Our Team

The DS Schiffahrt| Chartering Team

Our dedicated and experienced team of brokers and experts in operations is at the disposal to our in-house and external third-party clients at all times.